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Susan Thayer Kelley

Susan Thayer Kelley grew up in Illinois but since 2006 she and her husband have lived in Texas. She first published several poems. She has always loved to write, and after publishing her first book in 2007, wanted to write more books. So when COVID hit, she decided to take the plunge, and has now published two more books.

She has been married for 54 years to the same wonderful man. As investors, she and her husband extensively remodeled many homes which led her to become a REALTOR.
They have two beautiful daughters who are both REALTOR’s, and after her husband’s retirement also became a REALTOR. They have five grandchildren they’re very proud of.

She also has been an avid student of the Bible and enjoys helping others come to know their Bible better.

Her real joy in life is in helping other people, and hopes her books will lift the spirits of individuals who read them.